With legislation changing daily in the Lettings industry, it is important that Landlords and Letting Agents have the support of external contractors and the option of using the services provided by The Property Genie. I take great pride in the services on offer, attending regular training events and seminars which ensures all customers receive a high level of service.

Letting Agents

For Letting Agents this gives you the option to outsource inventories, check in, checkouts and mid term property visits which is a very time consuming part of the day to day tasks within a lettings department. This allows you to focus on the other areas of the business and services you provide to your clients. With the increased costs of running a business and staffing being one of the highest costs, this allows the agent to buy a service as and when you require them, this maybe to cover holidays, staff shortages or a regular contract.


Some landlords like to manage the whole process of letting their property themselves but don’t have the time or knowledge to create the additional documentation to support the tenancy agreement. The Property Genie is the perfect choice for you, to tailor what service you require from us. This in turn reduces your risk, as the landlord, should any damage be caused to your property during a Tenancy.


So you have found a property privately and the landlord has a tenancy agreement ready for you to sign. You have paid your deposit, but haven’t provided you with an inventory of the property? What evidence do you have regarding the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy? Will you be able to prove that no damage has happened to the property during your tenancy? The Property Genie is ideal for you; this allows you to buy the service you require reducing your risk as a tenant if a dispute is raised at the end of your tenancy.