When your tenant is due to move into your property it is important that they agree with the content detailed on the Property Inventory. On the commencement date, a Check In appointment will be arranged at which point the tenant has the opportunity to check the Inventory with the clerk, any discrepancies can be noted at this point. Once agreed it is a true record of the property the Tenant will sign to agree to the stated condition. This avoids any future disputes that could arise at the end of the Tenancy.

Why should I carry out a Check In Report?

The check in report ensures that both the landlord and the tenants agree with the condition of the property as stated in the Inventory. This allows the tenant and landlord to agree any discrepancies prior to the tenant moving in to the property. The tenant is obliged to leave the property in the same condition as is stated within the Check In report and under the terms within their tenancy agreement, subject to fair wear and tear.

We recommend that ALL new tenants are present for the Check In appointment; this allows them all to ensure that they are in agreement with the comments in Inventory. Each tenant can then sign the document and the keys can be released. The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms can be tested to ensure they are in working order. The water system can be flushed prior to occupation to reduce the risk of Legionnaires Disease within the property.

When the tenants vacate the property a check out appointment a report is prepared that will document any changes/damages to the property that have occurred during their tenancy. These should then be agreed by all parties before their deposit is returned, so it is crucial that a detailed and professional Check In report is conducted.